SX-3000A Series
<Compatible with SX3000 series for higher speed / higher accuracy>
・Simultaneous measurement up to 32 devices
・Per-pin power supply on up to 512 pins
・Parallel measurement of different device types
・Maximum 600 A high current test; Maximum 2000 V high voltage test
・Enhanced AC test with PXI module integrated measurement
・Flexible support of DC, AC, and digital tests
・Resolution Up, Capacity Up of Digitizer, High Speed Data Transfer BUS
・Increased speed of digital module, active load function

New Per-pin power supply (18bit ADC/DAC mounting)
・DHVI-H(64V/2A or 150V/128mA、2ch)

■Target Device
Regulator(LDO)、LED Driver IC、Audio/Video Amplifire、AC/DC Converter、DC/DC
Converter、Multi Channel Power Supply LDO、Multi Channel LED Driver IC、Power MOS-FET、Power Module


1 Basket Type (Standard model)
 ・V/I source              128pin(Max)
 ・Multi measurement   32(Max)
 ・Handler connection    4(Max)
 ・Prober connection      2(Max)
 Size      640(W)×750(D)×1190(H)
 Weight  approx.230kg
 Power supply  Single phase   AC200V 20A(Max)


2 Basket Type (Standard model)
 ・V/I source              256pin(Max)
 ・Multi measurement   32(Max)
 ・Handler connection    4(Max)
 ・Prober connection      2(Max)
 Size      750(W)×750(D)×1510(H)
 Weight  approx.280kg
 Power supply  Single phase   AC200V 30A(Max)