SX-3000 Series
・Simultaneous measurement up to 32 devices
・Per-pin power supply on up to 512 pins
・Parallel measurement of different device types
・Maximum 100 A high current test; Maximum 2000 V high voltage test
・Enhanced AC test with PXI module integrated measurement
・Flexible support of DC, AC, and digital tests

■Target Device
Regulator(LDO)、LED Driver IC、Audio/Video Amplifire、AC/DC Converter、DC/DC
Converter、Multi Channel Power Supply LDO、Multi Channel LED Driver IC、Power MOS-FET、Power Module



1 Basket Type (Standard model)
・V/I source              64pin(Max)
・Multi measurement    8(Max)
・Handler connection    4(Max)
・Prober connection      2(Max)

Size      585(W)×630(D)×1085(H)
Weight  approx.100kg
Power supply  Single phase   AC100V 15A(Max)


3 Basket Type (Expert model)
・V/I source              256pin(Max)
・Multi measurement   32(Max)
・Handler connection     8(Max)
・Prober connection       4(Max)

Size      1240(W)×650(D)×1590(H)
Weight  approx.250kg
Power supply  Single phase   AC200V 20A(Max)


6 Basket Type (High-end model)
・V/I source              512pin(Max)
・Multi measurement   32(Max)
・Handler connection     8(Max)
・Prober connection       4(Max)

Size      1800(W)×650(D)×1590(H)
Weight  approx.450kg
Power supply  Single phase   AC200V 30A(Max)
  PXI System Option for SX-3000
・PXI-5152// DGT/ 2ch・2Gbps・8bit
・PXI-5122//DGT / 2ch・100Mbps・14bit
・PXI-5650//RF SG/1ch・500kHz-1.3GHz
・PXI-6509//DIO/96ch I/O ・5V TTL