A compact test system compatible with the SX-3000 series.

The SX-130EV test system is a compact, low-cost test system designed primarily for DC measurement. On this test system the power supply unit can be detached from the measurement unit containing the measurement resources. This allows the measurement unit to be positioned in proximity to the DUT so a short connection cable can be used.

Maximum number of resource modules installable: 7 slots
Modules common with SX-3000 series
This tester is backward compatible with SX-3000 to provide efficiencies when transitioning to a SX-3000 based mass production testing environment when device development and evaluation is performed with this tester.
In addition to testing ICs, this tester also can be used for testing electrical performance of other products.
Measurement also is possible using a module that supports PXI bus.
With the addition of high-current / high-voltage systems, the tester also can be used for inspecting static and dynamic characteristics of discrete systems.
The power supply unit and controller PC may be stored on a 19" rack (optional).

■Target Device
IGBT Module, IPM, SiC, GaN
Power System MOS, Diode


     Compatible with SX-3000
            Compact model       
・V/I source              32pin(Max)
・Multi measurement    4(Max)
・Handler connection    1(Max)
・Prober connection      1(Max)

                                              Power unit             : 440(W)×420(D)×170(H) approx.20kg
                                              Measurement unit  : 420(W)×470(D)×450(H) approx.35kg
                                              Control PC             : 438(W)×495(D)×178(H) approx.16kg
                                      Power supply         : Single phase  AC100V~220V 20A(Max)