Highly versatile software utilizing STIL language
High reliability proven on the SX-3000 series
Floating resources identical to SX-3000
Cableless design and high speed digital made possible by consolicating test heads
For digital, maximum digital function test rate of 100 MHz and DC tests using per-pin PMU

For a programming language, it is Standard Test Interface Language (STIL) of the IEEE 1450 standard test interface language. We adopt the Rhythm OS of Roguevation, Inc. in industry-wide standard ATE O/S.
Spandnix is a partner ship with Roguevation company; in MIxd Signal IC testing
I recommend STIL language to assume the Rhythm ATE OS a platform.

■Target Device.
・MCU/ASIC Mixed Analog LSI
・Power Supply monitoring IC
・Motor Driver
・TSC(Touch Screen Control )、Haptic IC
・Complex Power IC
・System Power IC (Support 2000V/100A Complex Device)



■System Configuration  (Head type structure)
Standerd HEAD 256pin (Dig128pin + APU128pin)
Large HEAD 592pin (Dig256pin + APU336pin)
Handler/Prober Connection
・Control : 580(W)×700(D)×1295(H)
・Head :  920(W)×880(D)×587(H)

                                                      Weight approx.250kg
                                                      Power supply  Single phase  AC200V 50A(Max)